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Haven’t been on this blog since the beginning of December… Wow being on here is like a blast for the past honestly.

Though, I’m just leave a March reminder that I’ve relocated blogs. I’ve moved over here if anyone of the 500+ followers that don’t know about my new blog that I still have would like to reconnect with me.

615 unlucky souls still follow this blog. Though I bet most are either blogs on hiatus or left the world of RP. Yo, anyone who still happens to still be here. I have ~ * relocated * ~ to —> here for reasons, but yeah. Most of those reasons are gone now. I just don’t see a reason to come back here now. Lol.

YOOOOO To like the 600+ followers still following this blog. Gaps! Shocker, but I think some people who already know this are still following this blog anyways.

ANYWAYS, I have once again come here, since it’s been a while, to inform anyone who has yet to see this bit of information or w/e that yes I have relocated!!! Shocker; not really.

My new blog can be found

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                           ↗                      ↑                      

I came back on to start unfollowing people on this blog… And I come to the realization even as I lose followers I’m still gaining followers. I am soooo confused.

Anyone’s wondering where I’ve been, here’s a lovely link to the new blog I’ve got set up. Here. I’ve moved for a reason, and would kindly state the reason why, if I didn’t feel the need that one, it’s not necessary to say, and two, it’s more so personal reasons. Yet again, I’ll leave the link here and be on my merry way, you can follow the new blog or not, you may unfollow this blog or not. I don’t really care, but still leaving this here.

  -  behindblackfeathers  -  

[ Leaves this here and rolls off into the abyss ]

  -  once more  -  and now I'm gone  -  

[ Leaves this here and rolls off into the abyss ]

[ Leaves this here and rolls off into the abyss ]

h i s A B S O L U T E



Alright, I’ve finished setting up my new blog. Yayyy. The URL MAY change, but for now it’s just one of the hoarded URLs I had on me. lol Anyone can follow if they want, I don’t care who or what follows even if barely anyone from here. This is the first time I’m posting this, but I may continuously post it every now and then for anyone who may not have seen this before. As well, thinking of changing this blog’s theme to a navigation one over to my new blog, which is a most definite occurrence at some given point.

I almost forgot to say! If any of you do respond to an old rp of mine that goes to this blog, I will reblog it to my new blog thus continuing the rp there! If, I have a hold on an rp in my drafts that you would like for me to continue as well, just inform me about it and I’ll get right to it. Just a little PSA.

vessaliusbunny replied to your post: “[ I’m still gaining followers here even though I’ve moved. Like—?????…”:
People can’t get over the fact that the angsty diva queen moved. WE MUST PASS IT ON

Well, I think they need to because most likely in a few days time I’ll no longer be checking on this blog at all. BUT YES, PASS IT ON ALREADY THAT I’VE MOVED. WELL, I’VE BEEN PASSING IT AROUND IN INTERVALS UP UNTIL TODAY.